A personal custom-made approach

Doing paperwork and dealing with administrative and fiscal matters is often considered a burden. Many tend to postpone these matters, resulting in loss of control, possible arrears and, even worse, fines and sleepless nights!

HpK Administraties is happy to relieve you from this burden by offering a custom made approach to guide and help you settle these matters. HpK Administraties offers its services to small business owners (self-employeds) and private individuals with little or no affinity and understanding of administrative and fiscal issues.

HpK Administraties emphasises a personal approach by investing time and effort in understanding the customer’s specific situation and solving its administrative problems. Moreover the customer should feel free to ask any question without worrying about additional costs, and feel confident that its interests are well represented.

You can contact me to make an appointment for a informal, non binding meeting for instance in your own familiar working environment by using the contact form or by calling 06 39 40 28 70.